Creator of fine <HTML> products and services.
Amateur triathlete.

I'm Brian Shoemaker, a developer/manager, amateur triathlete and dad living in the Minneapolis area. I build web applications and manage development teams, with a focus on responsive design, modern tools and APIs.

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Oct 20 In the 1950s this guy strapped himself into a rocket sled to test how many Gs a human can survive. Turns out, a lot.

Oct 19 Everyone here is a little older, but @PearlJam still puts on a damn good show.


Making of the Atomic Bomb

Making of the Atomic Bomb

By Richard Rhodes.
Started on September 30th 2014.



By Daniel Suarez.
Finished on September 22nd 2014.

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Activities last six

Distance Duration Speed
RunRun 6.05 mi 0:41:38 8.72 mph
RideRide 57.77 mi 3:24:51 16.92 mph
RideRide 21.28 mi 1:14:08 17.22 mph
RunRun 6.03 mi 0:41:46 8.66 mph
RunRun 10.43 mi 1:15:29 8.29 mph
RideRide 20.44 mi 1:13:02 16.79 mph

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I occasionally have a small side or personal project in development, typically using Node.js. I share my projects and post the details here and GitHub.


Browse and search for tweets from Italian politicians.

Twitter Stream

Search and stream the Twitter Public Timeline.

Weather Station

Home weather station built with Arduino.