What I'm Doing Now

I was last spotted in Crosby, lately working on these things:

  • I'm Senior Director of Innovation at Life Time. My current focus is improving the in-club and platform experience with the growing ecosystem of wearables and other technologies. Supporting the new Life Time Work and Life Time Living businesses. Also exploring what we can do with beacons, geofencing, face recognition and camera analytics.
  • Focusing on being in-the-moment with my family, distraction free.
  • Training for the 2018 season with plenty of time in the pool and on the road.
  • I'm currently reading The Hardest Job in the World: The American Presidency by John Dickerson.
  • I recently finished The End of Everything by Katie Mack.
  • I have been on this planet for 42.64 years.

This page inspired by NowNowNow. Last update June 2019.