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Jul 15th 2018 - @Oatmeal
Did some Photoshopping on my friend's cat

Jul 15th 2018 - @JoeNBC
Ladies and gentlemen, the incomprehensibly embarrassing president of the United States. 😬

Jul 14th 2018 - @TimOBrien
Phew. Just in time.…

Jul 13th 2018 - @MonarchyUK
Iconic photos of The Queen with American Presidents #TrumpVisitUK #TrumpProtest

Jul 12th 2018 -
Manually pixelated food - Jason Kottke

Jul 12th 2018 - @ultrabrilliant
Thought I'd see what the Doom modding community is up to these days.

Jul 11th 2018 -
Steve Blank The Innovation Stack: How to make innovation programs deliver more than coffee cups

Jul 11th 2018 - @MarkNagi
I have asked for this about 15 times. Well... finally, it happened. Well done, @HiltonHotels...

Jul 10th 2018 -
Hallucinatory rollercoaster - Jason Kottke

Jul 10th 2018 - @sgroffy
My motivation behind racing an Ironman: 60% personal & professional fulfillment 38% love of triathlon 2% so I don’t have to hear strangers on a plane smugly tell me about their friend/ co-worker/ dog walker who did an IM & maybe I can too someday

Jul 8th 2018 - @robertdavis5
I'm not responsible for this. Wow

Jul 8th 2018 -
Employee Uprisings Sweep Many Tech Companies. Not Twitter.

Jul 6th 2018 - @DavidPriess
For anyone who dares complain about “how long the Mueller investigation is taking,” I again offer this chart. [@FiveThirtyEight]

Jul 6th 2018 - @pourmecoffee
That's right, Ice... Man, I am dangerous.

Jul 5th 2018 - @Oatmeal
The parabolic curve of minding others.

Jul 5th 2018 - @thenib
What do people REALLY mean when they say "European culture?" From…

Jul 5th 2018 - @kbiegel
Favorite new thing: Scratching haunting things into bananas at the market so when people take them home hours later and the words appear they think a ghost knows their secrets.

Jul 4th 2018 -
Putin must love what Trump’s summit with Kim revealed - George Will

Jul 4th 2018 - @dshoemak
Happy 4th of July from 14er Quandary Peak!

Jul 4th 2018 - @random_walker
1,700 people answered a survey that asked them to attach probabilities to 23 common words and phrases. The results are summarized in the figure. There’s a real possibility that it’s is the most interesting chart you’ll see this week.…

Jul 3rd 2018 - @Bachscore
To keep 10-year-olds from quitting, ⁦@USASwimming⁩ encourages them to do other sports, too. A bold strategy:…

Jul 2nd 2018 - @JustinReis
#whyiamp For freedom of expression. For the love of music. For the passion of togetherness. @lifetimefitness #ampcycle #amparmy

Jul 2nd 2018 -
JWST Delays

Jul 1st 2018 - @johnbcrist
If golf and soccer switched announcers...

Jun 30th 2018 - @thingles
It’s amazing to be able to listen to new John Coltrane music. Enjoying Both Directions at Once this morning. 🎶…

Jun 29th 2018 - @sgroffy
Sometimes when I’m grumpyriding my bike, I like to visualize my imaginary backpack full of water balloons that I chuck at mean drivers. I wouldn’t do it (I’m pro-safety, anti-littering), but it definitely gives me some extra Happiness Watts

Jun 29th 2018 - @omar_aok
This security tape of a botched robbery is masterpiece of silent cinema. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Jun 26th 2018 - @mikesall
Enjoying a ball game together! #CWS @ TD Ameritrade Park Omaha…

Jun 26th 2018 - @AspenInstSports
The latest sign parents spend lots of time taking kids to games/practices? The Kansas City area is building youth sports complexes where parents can do work at a workstation, get their nails done, or have a beer.…

Jun 25th 2018 -
Americans are conserving water like never before, according to the latest federal data - Christopher Ingraham

Jun 24th 2018 - @sheeraf
“Internet-connected locks, speakers, thermostats, lights and cameras that have been marketed as the newest conveniences are now also being used as a means for harassment, monitoring, revenge and control.”…

Jun 24th 2018 - @yashar
This @mjhegar bio ad is one of the best political ads I've ever seen. Written, directed, and produced by @caycefayce.

Jun 22nd 2018 -
Vote against the GOP this November - George F. Will

Jun 20th 2018 - @pourmecoffee
Photographer Uwe Reichert set up to capture conjunction of the moon and Venus and caught a fireball streaking through the night sky over Germany with them…

Jun 20th 2018 - @MrEs3rdGrade
(Back in my day, they built rockets that could go all the way to the moon.) About 6 hours of methodical work--savoring the genius creative LEGO designers. 40 inches tall, 6 lbs, 2,000 pieces. Not missing one. What a magnificent birthday gift. Cheers, Saturn V. #3rdGradeIsAwesome

Jun 20th 2018 - @MrEs3rdGrade
Summer solstice in the northern hemisphere (winter solstice in the southern hemisphere) tomorrow, June 21st! Enjoy the long days of summer. #3rdGradeIsAwesome

Jun 20th 2018 - @TheNick777
Have watched 2 1/2 games of the World Cup...and never has this picture been more appropriate. Talk about embarrassing...

Jun 19th 2018 -
This start-up can make avocados last twice as long before going bad - Caitlin Dewey

Jun 17th 2018 - @jessemthomas
Stoked with a new run PR today, 1:08:19 for 12.7 miles on my GPS, ~5:23/mi average! The highlight of my @ChallengeHN after solid swim and medium bike. Just missed podium but happy w/ the effort! Hope it bodes well for Roth in 2 weeks! Thanks all for cheering! Pic @JamesMitchell5.

Jun 6th 2018 -
Norman, the world’s first psychopath AI - Jason Kottke

Jun 6th 2018 -
Working Remotely and Where the Time Goes - Nathan Yau

May 30th 2018 -
Trump’s Right-Hand Troll

May 30th 2018 -
Hundreds of amazing 1980s tech company logos - Jason Kottke

May 28th 2018 -
The Quest to Run a Sub-Four-Minute Mile at Age 40

May 23rd 2018 -
A graceful underwater dance by freediver Julie Gautier - Jason Kottke

May 21st 2018 -
Raymond Loewy’s 1934 chart of the evolution in design - Jason Kottke

May 19th 2018 -
The Gambler Who Cracked the Horse-Racing Code

May 17th 2018 -
The Weird, Dangerous, Isolated Life of the Saturation Diver

May 16th 2018 -
What’s Baseline on a Smart Trainer in 2018? - DC Rainmaker

May 16th 2018 -
Skyward - Greg Ross

May 15th 2018 -
What Can Extreme Athletes Tell Us About Human Endurance?

May 14th 2018 -
An Early Visit - Greg Ross

May 3rd 2018 -
New Science from Jupiter - Patrick Tanguay

May 2nd 2018 -
There is one way to become an Ironman

Apr 24th 2018 -
The Fable of the Dragon-Tyrant - Jason Kottke

Apr 23rd 2018 -
TFW when your outfit perfectly matches land, sea, and sky - Jason Kottke

Apr 23rd 2018 -
Big In China: Machines That Scan Your Face

Apr 21st 2018 -
“The Clock Is Ticking”: Inside the Worst U.S. Maritime Disaster in Decades

Apr 20th 2018 -
Expedition - Greg Ross

Apr 13th 2018 -
The NBA Court Database - Jason Kottke

Apr 12th 2018 -
This Man Expects to Run a 2:50 in the Boston Marathon on Monday

Apr 11th 2018 -
The only winning move is not to play? - Jason Kottke

Apr 10th 2018 -
Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s hardest year, and what comes next

Apr 10th 2018 -
Drammatico - Greg Ross

Apr 9th 2018 -
Gun Culture Is My Culture. And I Fear for What It Has Become.

Apr 6th 2018 -
You’re 12% More Likely to Run a Marathon at a Milestone Age - Guest Post

Apr 4th 2018 -
Lessons from the Screenplay: the influences and cleverness of Black Mirror - Jason Kottke

Mar 23rd 2018 -
The Lottery Hackers

Mar 15th 2018 -
The Man Behind a Gear-Review Empire

Mar 15th 2018 -
“Oh my god!” People’s reactions to looking at the Moon through a telescope. - Jason Kottke

Feb 26th 2018 -
Putting Your Phone in Grayscale Mode to Reduce the Urge to Use It - John Gruber

Feb 23rd 2018 -
What I Saw Treating the Victims From Parkland Should Change the Debate on Guns

Feb 23rd 2018 -
What is the value of studying a foreign language in high school? - Tyler Cowen

Feb 20th 2018 -
Why do we forget most of what we read and watch? - Jason Kottke

Feb 13th 2018 -
Photo of a single atom wins science photo contest - Jason Kottke

Feb 13th 2018 -
Four Parenting Tips I Learned Hanging Out with the World’s Best Leaders - Daniel Coyle

Feb 12th 2018 -
Impostor Syndrome

Feb 11th 2018 -
The White Darkness: A Journey Across Antarctica

Feb 9th 2018 -
The History of Unicode

Feb 7th 2018 -
The Uber Pay Gap - Alex Tabarrok

Feb 3rd 2018 -
The Mental Tricks of Athletic Endurance

Feb 2nd 2018 -
Chicken Pox and Name Statistics

Feb 1st 2018 -
Supercut of cliched Instagram travel photos - Jason Kottke

Jan 23rd 2018 -
How Strava, The App For Athletes, Became An App For Cities

Jan 22nd 2018 -
Science Says Fitness Trackers Don't Work. Wear One Anyway

Jan 21st 2018 -
Parents’ Biggest Dilemma: When to Give Children Smartphones

Jan 1st 2018 -
Millions Are Hounded for Debt They Don’t Owe. One Victim Fought Back, With a Vengeance

Jan 1st 2018 -
On the Front Lines of the GOP's Civil War

Dec 25th 2017 -
Ten years in, nobody has come up with a use for blockchain

Dec 12th 2017 -
All In a Week’s Work — How We Tackled the Five Day Sprint Process

Dec 9th 2017 -
The Centuries-Old Strategy That Turbocharged My Productivity

Dec 9th 2017 -
Why Bitcoin? Why Now?

Dec 7th 2017 -
America’s most common Christmas-related injuries, in charts — Information is Beautiful Awards

Dec 3rd 2017 -
Voyager 1 Fires Up Thrusters After 37 Years

Oct 5th 2017 -
The Twelve-Factor App