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Sep 18th 2018 - @MeredithFrost
In addition to being a nurse and Paralympian swimmer, Manami Ito is also an incredibly talented musician. Here she is performing a violin solo with a customized prosthetic bow arm.

Sep 18th 2018 - @cc_rms
7th boys are ready!

Sep 18th 2018 -
American woman pedals 184 mph, smashing record held by men for more than 100 years - Christopher Ingraham

Sep 17th 2018 -
Password Autofill in iOS 12 now works with 1Password, Dashlane, and LastPass - Nick Statt

Sep 17th 2018 - @bjmay
My @nest doorbell automatically locks the front door when it sees a face it doesn't recognize. Today it didn't recognize me, so I went into the app to investigate and...

Sep 17th 2018 - @LoebVernon
Could you run a 4:38 mile, or even close? How about 26 in a row with no breaks? That's Eliud Kipchoge's breathtaking new world marathon record, 2:01:39. The running world can hardly believe it. @LoebVernon @TheAtlantic…

Sep 14th 2018 -
How the Weather Channel Made an Immersive Hurricane Florence Storm Surge Animation - John Gruber

Sep 13th 2018 - @WIRED
Denise Mueller-Korenek was the first woman to go 147mph on a bicycle. Now she wants to be the fastest person the planet.

Sep 13th 2018 - @dorseyshaw
Eat your heart out, CNN!

Sep 13th 2018 - @jonswaine
Daily reminder

Sep 11th 2018 -
The Cost of American Retreat

Sep 11th 2018 - @ItsAndyRyan
Daughter: What does gays mean? Me: Well you know mum and dad love each other - two men can love each other the same way Her: So what's 'penetrating gays'? Me: Er... read me the whole sentence Her: "She stared at him with a penetrating gaze" Me: Oh

Sep 11th 2018 - @Oatmeal
Teens: listen to angsty music 20s: listen to sophisticated music 30s: listen to covers of angsty music you listened to when you were a teen 40s: listen to the deep groan of your once supple body turning into an amorphous barge of hair and teeth

Sep 11th 2018 - @ccadelago
Shuttle bus ferrying media at the Flight 93 memorial where @realDonaldTrump will speak

Sep 10th 2018 - @pourmecoffee
Look at this satellite view of Chinese rocket launch from Friday…

Sep 10th 2018 - @BeschlossDC
Presidents George HW Bush, Ronald Reagan, Mikhail Gorbachev and lower Manhattan in a different world, 13 years before 9/11: #Gero

Sep 9th 2018 -
Can You Repair A Carbon Fibre Bike? - Global Cycling Network

Sep 7th 2018 - @ZenTriathlon
Elon Musk on the illusion that you need to seek approval to do amazing things. #getonit @joerogan @elonmusk…

Sep 7th 2018 - @CharlesCMann
Unseen progress, dental version: In '79, when my dentist got her DDS, she was told most middle-class ppl wd lose most of their teeth and need dentures by age ~60. Now, 40 yrs later, that's simply not true--most ppl keep their teeth in their 80s. The #1 cause? Fluoridation.

Sep 6th 2018 - @CLEUCl
A correction for the ages, by Brazilian news magazine Veja "The candidate likes to spend his free time reading Tolstoy, and not watching Toy Story, as originally reported"…

Sep 5th 2018 - @Bachscore
The Wall Street Journal adheres to the most stringent style and usage rules:…

Sep 5th 2018 - @Aiannucci
Film pitch.. Trump drugged and moved to a replica Whitehouse, where he carries on thinking he’s governing. Millions spent on hiring actors to play his staff, Senators, news anchors, people at rallies. There you go. Studios, your highest bid please.

Sep 4th 2018 - @dcrainmakerblog
Agree. There’s zero excuse these days for bike companies to instantly void bike warranties on trainers. These same companies sponsor Zwift events promoting their bikes on trainers, and sponsor WorldTour teams with their bikes on trainers for exposure. Can’t have it both ways.…

Sep 3rd 2018 - @_youhadonejob1

Sep 1st 2018 - @TheTweetOfGod
I miss you Barack.

Sep 1st 2018 - @TankCPTNemo
If anyone needs me, I will be watching this video of @tedcruz spectacularly failing at dunking until the heat death of the Universe.

Aug 31st 2018 -
Shelled vs. unshelled pistachios: a cost-benefit analysis - Christopher Ingraham

Aug 31st 2018 - @sgtwolverine

Aug 30th 2018 -
A full-scale Lego supercar that actually drives - Jason Kottke

Aug 29th 2018 -
Close-up shark portraits - Jason Kottke

Aug 29th 2018 - @Pattern
This is how Utah stocks fish in its mountain lakes. Utah's Department of Natural Resources says air drops are less stressful for the fish than a long journey by ground. More than 95% survive the fall. Utah DNR compares the fish to high divers diving into a deep pool of water. 🐟

Aug 29th 2018 -
Self-Care - Greg Ross

Aug 28th 2018 - @NBCNews
Dairy products, especially cheese and yogurt, were found to protect against death from any cause, according to new research.

Aug 28th 2018 - @danielnorwick
Can you hear me now? @Morning_Joe

Aug 27th 2018 -
Biodegradable food containers inspired by egg shells & orange peels - Jason Kottke

Aug 27th 2018 - @arlenparsa
so just as an experiment I put the president's ~supremely~ awkward oval office moment to the @VeepHBO closing credits theme song just now. uhh it works v well.

Aug 27th 2018 - @rejectedjokes
Grandpa- “I’m finally listening to Hamilton and the songs are incredible but the story is all over the place.” Grandson- “You’re listening to it on shuffle, grandpa.” Grandpa- “ahhhh. That makes sense. I was wondering how the kid was singing counting songs after he died.”

Aug 27th 2018 - @darrenrovell
FIRST LOOK: @Nike debuts outstanding ad using home video of nine-year-old @serenawilliams with father Richard from August 29, 1991

Aug 26th 2018 - @davebrancosucks
“Is Philadelphia really as fucking wild as people exaggerate it to be?” Me:

Aug 24th 2018 -
A Wrong Turn - Greg Ross

Aug 21st 2018 -
Coal Miner to Trump: “Coal Mining Isn’t Coming Back” - By LEAH VARJACQUES and JAPHET WEEKS

Aug 21st 2018 -
Better Late - Greg Ross

Aug 20th 2018 -
What Homer Simpson would look like in real life - Jason Kottke

Aug 19th 2018 -
Self-Taught - Greg Ross

Aug 19th 2018 -
Twitter company email addresses why it’s #BreakingMyTwitter

Aug 18th 2018 -
The Lovers of Valdaro - Greg Ross

Aug 17th 2018 -
Jonathan Mann’s Song of the Day: ‘Jack Says Fuck You to Tweetbot’ - John Gruber

Aug 13th 2018 -
‘But the Plans Were on Display…’ - John Gruber

Aug 13th 2018 -
The Forgotten Winchester - Greg Ross

Aug 13th 2018 -
There’s Waldo, an AI trained to find Waldo - Jason Kottke

Aug 13th 2018 -
Aerial view of sheepdogs herding sheep - Nathan Yau

Aug 8th 2018 -
This is every TED Talk - Jason Kottke

Aug 8th 2018 -
A Faster and More Flexible Home Page that Delivers the News Readers Want - The Times Open Team

Aug 8th 2018 -
Voting Software

Aug 2nd 2018 -
Paul Krugman Explaining Macroeconomics on a Roller Coaster - Alex Tabarrok

Jul 30th 2018 -
It’s Tough Being a Right Whale These Days

Jul 28th 2018 -
While We Sleep, Our Mind Goes on an Amazing Journey

Jul 26th 2018 -
Cycling’s Best Performance Enhancer: Riding in the Peloton

Jul 25th 2018 -
City street orientations from around the world - Jason Kottke

Jul 24th 2018 -
Trump can’t win at foreign policy the way he wins at golf - David Ignatius

Jul 24th 2018 -
Sci-fi spaceship designs inspired by everyday objects - Jason Kottke

Jul 24th 2018 -
Most Common Jobs, By State - Nathan Yau

Jul 21st 2018 -
A Theory of Trump Kompromat

Jul 19th 2018 -
‘Fortnite: Battle Royale’ Has Made Over $1 Billion in 10 Months - John Gruber

Jul 12th 2018 -
Manually pixelated food - Jason Kottke

Jul 11th 2018 -
Steve Blank The Innovation Stack: How to make innovation programs deliver more than coffee cups

Jul 10th 2018 -
Hallucinatory rollercoaster - Jason Kottke

Jul 8th 2018 -
Employee Uprisings Sweep Many Tech Companies. Not Twitter.

Jul 4th 2018 -
Putin must love what Trump’s summit with Kim revealed - George Will

Jul 2nd 2018 -
JWST Delays

Jun 25th 2018 -
Americans are conserving water like never before, according to the latest federal data - Christopher Ingraham

Jun 22nd 2018 -
Vote against the GOP this November - George F. Will

Jun 2nd 2018 -
On presents Tim Don – The Man with the Halo | Official Documentary

May 30th 2018 -
Trump’s Right-Hand Troll

May 28th 2018 -
The Quest to Run a Sub-Four-Minute Mile at Age 40

May 19th 2018 -
The Gambler Who Cracked the Horse-Racing Code

May 17th 2018 -
The Weird, Dangerous, Isolated Life of the Saturation Diver

May 15th 2018 -
What Can Extreme Athletes Tell Us About Human Endurance?

Apr 23rd 2018 -
Big In China: Machines That Scan Your Face

Apr 21st 2018 -
“The Clock Is Ticking”: Inside the Worst U.S. Maritime Disaster in Decades

Apr 12th 2018 -
This Man Expects to Run a 2:50 in the Boston Marathon on Monday

Apr 10th 2018 -
Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s hardest year, and what comes next

Apr 9th 2018 -
Gun Culture Is My Culture. And I Fear for What It Has Become.

Mar 23rd 2018 -
The Lottery Hackers

Mar 15th 2018 -
The Man Behind a Gear-Review Empire

Feb 23rd 2018 -
What I Saw Treating the Victims From Parkland Should Change the Debate on Guns

Feb 13th 2018 -
Four Parenting Tips I Learned Hanging Out with the World’s Best Leaders - Daniel Coyle

Feb 11th 2018 -
The White Darkness: A Journey Across Antarctica

Feb 3rd 2018 -
The Mental Tricks of Athletic Endurance

Jan 23rd 2018 -
How Strava, The App For Athletes, Became An App For Cities

Jan 22nd 2018 -
Science Says Fitness Trackers Don't Work. Wear One Anyway

Jan 21st 2018 -
Parents’ Biggest Dilemma: When to Give Children Smartphones

Jan 1st 2018 -
Millions Are Hounded for Debt They Don’t Owe. One Victim Fought Back, With a Vengeance

Oct 5th 2017 -
The Twelve-Factor App