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Aug 7th 2020 -
Inside the Company Trying to Solve the Global Bicycle Shortage

Aug 7th 2020 - @CityofRosemount
Can we just take a sec to admire the athleticism of this sport?! "We are always stoked to see the locals killing it only after a few days!! We can't wait to see the progression and the scene grow in MN." -@PillarDesign Photos by @PILLLARSkate #RosemountMN #onlyinmn #skateboarding

Aug 7th 2020 - @ReallyAmerican1

Aug 6th 2020 - @LTRaceSeries

Aug 6th 2020 - @McJesse
Horrible time for the NRA, first they close down schools and now this.

Aug 5th 2020 -
Transfiguration: An Ever-Evolving Walking Figure - Jason Kottke

Aug 4th 2020 - @RexChapman
Trump interviewing himself may be the best thing to ever happen to the internet...

Aug 3rd 2020 - @BuzzFeed
Believe it or not, these are all cakes! Special Thanks:…

Aug 3rd 2020 - @barstoolsports
Katie Ledecky swimming without dropping the chocolate milk off her head is just flat out impressive (via @katieledecky)

Aug 3rd 2020 - @RyskeldiSatke
Fascinating footage of snow leopard hunt here. Filmmaker Martin Dohrn did an exceptional piece of filming on the edge of Gobi desert in Mongolia.…

Aug 2nd 2020 -
Unbundling the Police in Kentucky - Alex Tabarrok

Jul 31st 2020 -
Where the System May Break - David Frum

Jul 31st 2020 -
And Now a Message from Mask Spokesman Bane from The Dark Knight Rises - Jason Kottke

Jul 31st 2020 - @MeredithFrost
Next level editing here.…

Jul 29th 2020 - @LaunchPhoto
Atlas V poised for liftoff tomorrow with Mars 2020 'Perseverance' (ULA pics):

Jul 27th 2020 -
Defining ’90s music - Nathan Yau

Jul 26th 2020 - @WIRED
Sleep: Strengthens your immune system Reduces anxiety Regulates mood Improves memory Lowers your risk of diabetes and cancer Helps prevent Alzheimer’s The science is clear: You need more sleep

Jul 26th 2020 - @blaireerskine
I’m a MAGA teen 🎶 🇺🇸 💪

Jul 25th 2020 -
A Cave Kingpin Is Buying Up America’s Underground. What’s His Plan?

Jul 25th 2020 -
Why 536 was ‘the worst year to be alive’

Jul 25th 2020 - @StevenLHall1
Wow. Seriously?

Jul 25th 2020 - @Fahrenthold
NEW: You know who’s not surprised by 2020? The alumni of Trump University. Ex-students say that in the pandemic, @realDonaldTrump has re-used the tactics he used on them — trying to fix a failure by denying it exists, and attacking those who say it does…

Jul 24th 2020 -
Cervelo Caledonia: Road Bike of the Future

Jul 23rd 2020 -
The Death of Rice - Jason Kottke

Jul 23rd 2020 -
Britain’s Woodland Cover Has Returned to Medieval Levels - Information is Beautiful

Jul 23rd 2020 - @cervelo
This is the bike for big, stupid rides. Meet the all-new Caledonia. ✨

Jul 21st 2020 - @aalkermd
Just wanted to make sure you saw this. #Hamilton #Fauci

Jul 17th 2020 -
Supercapacitor Buses Are A Thing Now - Information is Beautiful

Jul 16th 2020 - @CrowieAlexander
16/07/2005. Minneapolis/St Paul, Minnesota. 15 years ago today. One of my favourite race memories and photos. The pure emotion of nailing a big performance when it counts. My face says it all! 📷…

Jul 15th 2020 - @BrandonDavisBD
Bridger, 6 years old, saved his little sister from an attacking dog. He knew he would get hurt, but he did it anyway. He’s a hero. So, we made this happen. One of the most fulfilling things, ever, huge thanks to Chris Evans. Spread love. ❤️

Jul 15th 2020 -
COVID Risk Chart

Jul 15th 2020 - @sarahcpr
How to immigration policy

Jul 15th 2020 - @xkcdComic
COVID Risk Chart

Jul 15th 2020 - @iceland
Looks like you’ve been through a lot. It looks like you need to let it out. It looks like you need Iceland. Record your scream from anywhere in the world at and we’ll release it in Iceland. You’ll feel better, we promise! #LetItOutIceland

Jul 13th 2020 - @RVAT2020
‼️ Jeffrey voted Trump in 2016, and it's safe to say he won't be doing so again. He takes you on a ride....You gotta watch the whole thing. (Warnings: 1. NSFW 2. Wicked "Good Will Hunting" Energy)

Jul 11th 2020 - @SteveStuWill
Cats negotiating obstacle courses. It's impressive that they can place their front paws so precisely; what really amazes me, though, is that they can do it with their back paws, when the obstacles are no longer in sight.…

Jul 11th 2020 - @reayjespersen
Quick, cool video from the @thekidshouldsee website. This herding call is way more hauntingly beautiful than I was expecting, like something out of a well-scored fantasy movie. And it evidently works really well.…

Jul 10th 2020 - @robertspeker
Sydmar Lodge Care Home residents and carers have been recreating classic album covers. The home has now been in lockdown for 4 months.

Jul 10th 2020 - @RexChapman
His grandparents stopped by to say hi to his cameras while he was on vacation. Grandparents,

Jul 7th 2020 - @arlenparsa
You may have heard that the US Capitol Building was built with slave labor. That's true. But what most people don't know is the extraordinary story behind the statue that sits on the top of the dome, called The Statue of Freedom. This thread is going to be worth your time. 1/17

Jul 4th 2020 -
‘A Preventable Catastrophe’

Jul 3rd 2020 -
Coronavirus COVID-19 Riskiest Activities - David McCandless

Jul 2nd 2020 - @RexChapman
United Kingdom: Their package delivery man is named Tim. He’s deaf. Tallulah and Tim developed quite the friendship over the lockdown. Tallulah’s mom taught her to sign. She made Tim a “thank you” that he displays on his truck proudly. Humanity.🌎❤️

Jun 30th 2020 - @RexChapman
Goooooooaaaaaaal! The celebration. This deer is the 🐐…

Jun 30th 2020 - @KenJennings
I feel like you could get away with just relabeling a lot of the Confederate statues, because the likenesses aren’t that great. Just say Stonewall Jackson is Dave Grohl now, who cares.

Jun 21st 2020 -
How Far Does the Apple Fall From the Tree?

Jun 19th 2020 -
Chicago’s Wiener Circle - John Gruber

Jun 18th 2020 -
Teacher Tells Off Neil Armstrong for Faking the Moon Landing - Jason Kottke

Jun 15th 2020 -
Twist, Spin, Tuck, Jump - Jason Kottke

Jun 9th 2020 -
Video Timeline of Trump’s St. John’s Church Photo Op and Lafayette Square Crackdown - John Gruber

May 30th 2020 -
Inside the Flour Company Supplying America’s Sudden Baking Obsession

May 28th 2020 -
Whoop 3.0 Band & Platform In-Depth Review - DC Rainmaker

May 26th 2020 -
Knight Rider for 8 Cellos - Jason Kottke

May 26th 2020 -
Squirt Gun Baptisms - Jason Kottke

May 22nd 2020 -
Moves towards reopening the country - Nathan Yau

May 20th 2020 -
Students are failing AP tests because the College Board can’t handle iPhone photos - Monica Chin

May 20th 2020 -
Nature By Numbers - Jason Kottke

May 16th 2020 -
The Day the Live Concert Returns

May 13th 2020 -
Think we have military primacy over China? Think again. - David Ignatius

May 12th 2020 -
11-Year-Old Lands First Ever 1080 on a Skateboard Vert Ramp - Jason Kottke

May 9th 2020 -
The Miracle of the Internet - Alex Tabarrok

May 8th 2020 -
Sure, the Velociraptors Are Still On the Loose, But That’s No Reason Not to Reopen Jurassic Park

May 4th 2020 -
2020 Google Trends

May 1st 2020 -
Lunar Landing Recreated from Archival NASA Photos - Jason Kottke

Apr 30th 2020 -
Wile E. Coyote Files a Product Liability Lawsuit Against Acme Company - Jason Kottke

Apr 27th 2020 -
When Should You Wear a Mask in Public? - John Gruber

Apr 24th 2020 -
‘Star Wars’ Backgrounds for Video Calls - John Gruber

Apr 23rd 2020 -
Testing the infinite monkey theorem - Nathan Yau

Apr 22nd 2020 -
IT'S TIME TO BUILD - Andreessen Horowitz

Apr 19th 2020 -
Trump’s Two Horrifying Plans for Dealing With the Coronavirus - David Frum

Apr 10th 2020 -
How Privacy-Friendly Contact Tracing Can Help Stop the Spread of Covid-19 - Jason Kottke

Apr 8th 2020 -
Dozens of Science & Engineering Activities for Kids from The James Dyson Foundation - Jason Kottke

Apr 7th 2020 -
The Pandemic Has Driven Twitter to New Lows in Happiness - Jason Kottke

Apr 5th 2020 -
The History of the Trapper Keeper

Apr 5th 2020 -
What I Learned When My Husband Got Sick With Coronavirus

Apr 5th 2020 -
How the Pandemic Will End

Apr 4th 2020 -
Thank You Bill Gates - Alex Tabarrok

Mar 26th 2020 -
The Doctor Who Helped Defeat Smallpox Explains What's Coming

Mar 5th 2020 -
Learning to Run Without Headphones

Feb 29th 2020 -
We Need To Take CO2 Out Of The Sky

Feb 16th 2020 -
The 2020 Disinformation War

Feb 16th 2020 -
Going the Distance (and Beyond) to Catch Marathon Cheaters

Jan 28th 2020 -
The Secretive Company That Might End Privacy as We Know It

Jan 8th 2020 -
How Des Moines landed an Ironman triathlon

Dec 30th 2019 -
If you don’t trust your employees to work remotely, you shouldn’t have hired them in the first place

Dec 30th 2019 -
The Challenges Ahead for Zwift and ESports

Dec 15th 2019 -
The Next Nuclear Plants Will Be Small, Svelte, and Safer

Dec 7th 2019 -
The False Promise of Morning Routines

Dec 7th 2019 -
On Pooping in the Dark—No Lights, No Phones, No Distractions

Dec 7th 2019 -
Life Time CEO says luxurious new club at Southdale is just the beginning

Nov 18th 2019 -
What Science Tells Us About Preventing Dementia

Oct 20th 2019 -
The Liberation of Mitt Romney

Oct 3rd 2019 -
Unfit for Office

Sep 12th 2019 -
Dead Reckoning

Sep 8th 2019 -
The Eponymous Mr. Ponzi