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Mar 22nd 2019 -
Death of the calorie

Mar 21st 2019 -
Robocalls map - Nathan Yau

Mar 20th 2019 - @swear_trek

Mar 18th 2019 -
Building Grit in Girls Through Mountain Biking

Mar 16th 2019 -
How Much Immigration Is Too Much?

Mar 15th 2019 -
A Fan-Made Trailer for The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, 2019 Edition - Jason Kottke

Mar 15th 2019 - @kottke
This fan-made trailer is a great answer to the question "What would happen if Will Smith made The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air today?"…

Mar 13th 2019 -
Hiking Interactions - Jason Kottke

Mar 11th 2019 - @diegovillacis10
This can't be more accurate.

Mar 11th 2019 - @GetDesFit
Rabbit hole of the day: trying to get heart rate data into a usable format from Samsung Health. Exporting it is one thing. Converting it to something usable is what turns this exercise from a “rabbit hole” to a “rabbit complex”.

Mar 11th 2019 - @ThatEricAlper
An owl's face when the hunting instinct kicks in

Mar 10th 2019 - @TeamUSA
.@USASwimming phenom @reganesmith4 set TWO American records in the SAME NIGHT (100y & 200y backstroke) ... she’s just 17 YEARS OLD 😱🙌‼️ #GoTeamUSA

Mar 9th 2019 - @jeffreygoldbIum
Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should...…

Mar 9th 2019 - @TitaniumGeek
Epic CEO level sass from @werkdodger 🤣🤣👇 “#Zwift leading the

Mar 8th 2019 - @SBSNews
Watch the moment a paraglider makes a safe landing only to then be attacked by a kangaroo. Straya!

Mar 8th 2019 - @Commercial_Crew
Successful splashdown of the #CrewDragon right on time at 8:45 a.m. ET.

Mar 5th 2019 - @BenJonesPicEd
What.A.Pic Shot by Rob Maclennan /@SWNS An F15 Strike Eagle captured in pin sharp detail above Machynlleth in Powys, Wales with the co pilot looking straight at the camera.

Mar 4th 2019 - @MJGerson
“To a former speechwriter, it was like watching a wound drain; it was like eating toothpaste canapés, it was like holding centipedes on your tongue; it was like hearing a ringtone of “Macarena” during a funeral, and no one can find the phone.”…

Mar 4th 2019 -
Video Orientation

Mar 2nd 2019 - @yashar
I love Diane and if someone doesn’t make her a meteorologist I’m gonna be pissed

Mar 2nd 2019 -
Raising Riders: From Passengers to Partners on the Baja Divide -

Mar 2nd 2019 -
Injectable NanoParticles Let Mice See Near InfraRed! - Alex Tabarrok

Mar 2nd 2019 - @cyantist
What’s your perfect toast? 🍞

Feb 28th 2019 - @kll
oh. my.

Feb 28th 2019 - @80sSportsNStuff
Today in 1987, your school served you this for lunch and you were excited about it...

Feb 27th 2019 - @swear_trek

Feb 26th 2019 - @PostGraphics
The resurgence of measles across the United States is spurring a backlash against vaccine critics:

Feb 24th 2019 -
Perspective | The 6 essential cons that define Trump’s success

Feb 24th 2019 - @CyclingTodayEn
She has more skill than you'll ever have 💪💪

Feb 24th 2019 - @Nike
Show them what crazy dreams can do. #justdoit

Feb 24th 2019 - @davidfrum
Trump wants to be at the center of all events ... yet for some reason he has refused every invitation to throw out the first pitch at an MLB game.… It's all the more baffling given his doctor's descriptions of how magnificently physically fit Trump is

Feb 23rd 2019 - @riptideswimming
Good luck to our MAC swimmers this weekend!

Feb 22nd 2019 - @cervelo
Built to be stiff and lightweight with a geometry that promotes stable handling. From cobbles to categorized climbs, go ahead and push the pace on the R3. #R3 #Rseries

Feb 19th 2019 - @MikeJudge
20 years ago today, Office Space came out in theaters. This is the clapper from the last scene we shot. As you can see, Stephen Root nailed it in two takes. And that's the actual stapler from the movie. (It got burned when Milton set the building on fire.)

Feb 18th 2019 - @JalynSouchekTV
OH BUGGY: At least some of us are enjoying this snow. Check out this Amish man SKIING behind his horse buggy! Thanks to Jenn Staggemeyer, of Waukon, for capturing and sharing this!

Feb 16th 2019 - @JohnFPfaff
Oh. My. God. An Apple IIe. Sat in my parents’ attic for years. Decades. And it works. Put in an old game disk. Asks if I want to restore a saved game. And finds one! It must be 30 years old. I’m 10 years old again.

Feb 15th 2019 - @TheKatalyst_
These are HS students singing from hotel balconies; I’d have been in my hotel room in cardiac arrest thinking I died and went to heaven .

Feb 15th 2019 - @swear_trek
#FridayFeeling 100000%

Feb 15th 2019 - @NickLutsko
@VicBergerIV Struggling to get through "The Entertainer"

Feb 15th 2019 -
Lindsey Vonn Is The Greatest American Skier — And It’s Not Even Close

Feb 14th 2019 - @briankoppelman
This one is easy. When Anna was 8, I made the decision that unless I was out of town, I would walk her to school every morning. And I did. Those short walks, and the conversations, connected us in the deepest way. She ended up letting me walk her even as a high school senior.…

Feb 14th 2019 -
Opportunity rover’s path on Mars - Nathan Yau

Feb 13th 2019 -
Opportunity Rover

Feb 11th 2019 -
Amazon to Acquire Eero - John Gruber

Feb 11th 2019 -
Paper Mario Bros - Jason Kottke

Feb 7th 2019 -
Watch a Single Cell Become a Complex Organism in Just Six Minutes - Jason Kottke

Feb 5th 2019 -
Pi Clacks - Greg Ross

Feb 4th 2019 -
Launch Risk

Feb 1st 2019 -
How Many Kids We Have and When We Have Them - Nathan Yau

Jan 30th 2019 -
Amy Klobuchar is best equipped to send the president packing - George Will

Jan 30th 2019 -
It’s So Cold Out! Where’s the Global Warming?! - Jason Kottke

Jan 29th 2019 -
In a Race to the Edge of the Solar System, Which Star Trek Ship Would Win? - Jason Kottke

Jan 28th 2019 -
The Insane Numbers Behind Cycling's Most Masochistic Race

Jan 25th 2019 -
The Enduring Fight Over the First Ironman Triathlon

Jan 24th 2019 -
Sort By Controversial

Jan 24th 2019 -
The Evolution of the Alphabet - Jason Kottke

Jan 23rd 2019 -
Video: A Meteorite Hit the Moon During the Recent Eclipse! - Jason Kottke

Jan 23rd 2019 -
Scale of tens - Nathan Yau

Jan 22nd 2019 -
The Shady Link Between Sunscreen and Your Health

Jan 21st 2019 -
Pursuit Training With Coach Hendy - rappstarracing

Jan 19th 2019 -
Bill Gates: The Best Investment I’ve Ever Made

Jan 16th 2019 -
Conan O’Brien Wants to Scare Himself With the New, Shorter ‘Conan’

Jan 14th 2019 -
The World’s Fastest Human on a Bike - Jason Kottke

Jan 10th 2019 -
Slipping the Surly Bonds of Earth - Jason Kottke

Jan 9th 2019 -
‘Rather Than Dipping a Drinking Glass Into the Ocean, They Say, Astronomers Have Dunked a Bathtub’ - John Gruber

Jan 8th 2019 -
AI Algorithm Can Detect Alzheimer’s Earlier Than Doctors - Jason Kottke

Jan 5th 2019 -
The Healthiest Vegetables, Ranked - Jason Kottke

Jan 3rd 2019 -
Inspiration - Greg Ross

Jan 2nd 2019 -
Which Countries Have Been Top of Mind in the US Over the Past Century? - Jason Kottke

Dec 31st 2018 -
Consensus New Year

Dec 31st 2018 -
No More Oppatoo - Allen Pike

Dec 29th 2018 -
How to: Troubleshooting Power Meter and Trainer Accuracy Issues

Dec 28th 2018 -
Million, Billion, Trillion

Dec 26th 2018 -
A Massive Ice-Filled Crater on Mars - Jason Kottke

Dec 25th 2018 -
Trainerroad: The Birth of Structured Training

Dec 25th 2018 -
Opinion | The General Who Preferred the Foxhole

Dec 22nd 2018 -
How Fortnite Triggered an Unwinnable War Between Parents and Their Boys

Dec 12th 2018 -
How to: Troubleshooting Power Meter and Trainer Accuracy Issues - DC Rainmaker

Dec 11th 2018 -
Watch How Hermit Crabs All Line Up to Exchange Their Shells - Jason Kottke

Dec 9th 2018 -
The Woman Who Outruns the Men, 200 Miles at a Time

Nov 30th 2018 -
Leadership Mode Activate - Allen Pike

Nov 30th 2018 -
Leadership Mode Activate

Nov 22nd 2018 -
The Digital Gap Between Rich and Poor Kids Is Not What We Expected

Nov 10th 2018 -
Queen’s Tragic Rhapsody

Oct 28th 2018 -
Who Says Allie Kieffer Isn’t Thin Enough to Run Marathons?

Oct 7th 2018 -
Why I’m Leaving the Republican Party

Oct 4th 2018 -
The Alternative Limb Project

Oct 2nd 2018 -
Trump Engaged in Suspect Tax Schemes as He Reaped Riches From His Father

Sep 23rd 2018 -
Golf illustrations sustained Valentino Dixon while in prison for murder, a charge he was declared innocent of in court on Wednesday after 27 years in jail - Golf Digest

Sep 11th 2018 -
The Cost of American Retreat

Aug 24th 2018 -
Opinion | Make Your Daughter Practice Math. She’ll Thank You Later.

Aug 19th 2018 -
Twitter company email addresses why it’s #BreakingMyTwitter

Jul 30th 2018 -
It’s Tough Being a Right Whale These Days

Jul 26th 2018 -
Cycling’s Best Performance Enhancer: Riding in the Peloton

Jun 2nd 2018 -
On presents Tim Don – The Man with the Halo | Official Documentary