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Nov 12th 2018 - @jbarro
Twitter, ladies and gentlemen:

Nov 11th 2018 - @alaskancourtney
Wait for it...

Nov 11th 2018 - @hampson_d
"This has got to be one of the most powerful photographs I have ever seen. Above is a battalion of the Cameron Highlanders in 1914, prior to being despatched to the front line; below is the same battalion upon their return in 1918 after the armistice. " Gerry Burns fb page.

Nov 11th 2018 - @TheAtlPhoto
The Fading Battlefields of World War I - 32 images from tortured European landscapes, where the sounds of gunfire that killed so many were silenced when the war ended, a century ago today. #ArmisticeDay100 #WWIcentenary

Nov 10th 2018 - @MarkHarrisNYC
If you're tired of looking at a big red map even when Democrats win, this, from @nytimes, is what the new House of Representatives really looks like.

Nov 10th 2018 -
Queen’s Tragic Rhapsody

Nov 9th 2018 - @MeredithFrost
Great banter between George Bernard Shaw and Winston Churchill. (Via @LettersOfNote)

Nov 9th 2018 - @_FloridaMan

Nov 9th 2018 - @drjudymelinek
Do you have any idea how many bullets I pull out of corpses weekly? This isn’t just my lane. It’s my fucking highway.…

Nov 8th 2018 -
Fold ‘N Fly paper airplane instructions & video tutorials - Rion Nakaya

Nov 8th 2018 - @TomMunns1
I can’t stop watching this. Dad of the year 😂👏🏻⚽️

Nov 8th 2018 - @arisacoba
Thought of repurposing the ✅ checkbox button as an Aeropress last night. All CSS →… via @CodePen @AeroPressHQ

Nov 8th 2018 - @paulg
Explained to my 9 yo how programming works: 1. You have something you want to do. 2. You write code to do it. 3. The code doesn't work. 4. You fix the mistakes. 5. When the program works, you realize your idea was wrong. 6. You fix the idea. 7. Goto 2.

Nov 7th 2018 -
The Former Chief of Disguise of the CIA Explains How Spies Use Disguises - Jason Kottke

Nov 7th 2018 - @emanumiller
This is brilliant. May 1981. President Ronald Reagan is giving a speech at an Air Force base in West Berlin when a balloon pops loudly. Only two months previously, the President had been shot in an attempt on his life, not long after beginning his first term. Reagan's response:

Nov 6th 2018 - @BenjaminEPark
I swear Florida could be voting between ice cream and a kick to the head and the results would be 50.5%-49.5%.

Nov 6th 2018 - @wsbtv
GOP gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp also had a voting issue today. When he tried to vote, his voter card said "invalid." Our @DaveHWSB was with Kemp today as he voted and is covering the campaign all night. #ElectionOn2

Nov 6th 2018 - @JerryDunleavy
When the clock strikes midnight tonite

Nov 6th 2018 -
★ The 2018 Retina MacBook Air - John Gruber

Nov 4th 2018 - @joeysofficial
I’ve watched this video about 20 times now and it has made me smile more each time 🤗

Nov 4th 2018 - @AoDespair
Seen by who? By all of us? By Democrats? By Republicans? Who sees this corruption of democracy as legitimate? Who the fuck is suppressing votes & disenfranchising citizens? Who isn't? SAY IT. SAY IT ALOUD. YOU HAVE A NEWSPAPER. USE IT TO DELIVER A PRECISE, SPECIFIC & WHOLE TRUTH.…

Nov 1st 2018 - @jasongay
Anthony Robles captivated America when he won an NCAA wrestling title despite being born with one leg. Now he’s after new history: the world pull-up mark of 61 in 60 seconds. (!) A record currently held by...a Harvard philosophy lecturer For the @WSJ:…

Nov 1st 2018 - @WIRED
Here's how those Boston Dynamics robot videos became internet gold:

Nov 1st 2018 - @MeredithFrost
You know what’s worse than the ‘walk of shame’? The walk of shame the day after Halloween.

Oct 31st 2018 -
A Robot that Draws Algorithmically-Generated Portraits - Jason Kottke

Oct 31st 2018 - @jetjocko
Words that don't belong near each other are "100s of daddy long-legs" and "cluster for hunting."…

Oct 31st 2018 - @dev_humor

Oct 31st 2018 - @aengelbro
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Oct 30th 2018 - @dhh
If having kids is stunting your career or forcing you into 5 hours of sleep, work is doing you wrong. The world is full of companies that are supportive of parents and families. Where working 40h or less isn’t a liability or a failure.…

Oct 30th 2018 -
A Dissent - Greg Ross

Oct 29th 2018 - @BroadwayLeague
Check out YouTube sensation Adrian Matthews perform “She Used To Be Mine” live at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre, in front of his biggest fan @WaitressMusical composer @SaraBareilles.…

Oct 29th 2018 - @keepdwightgirl
Halloween is canceled

Oct 28th 2018 -
Who Says Allie Kieffer Isn’t Thin Enough to Run Marathons?

Oct 28th 2018 - @Ozzymoto27
George Clooney's response to @realDonaldTrump after he called him a hollywood elite is a great read.

Oct 27th 2018 - @JGamblin
I am not an IOT security expert, but I am pretty sure an unauthenticated curl statement should not be able to reboot the @madebygoogle home hub.

Oct 24th 2018 -
Geography of voter turnout - Nathan Yau

Oct 23rd 2018 - @dandrezner
Life comes at you fast.

Oct 23rd 2018 - @cc_rms
RMS boys win the 196 District Championship! Every runner has something to be proud of today that contributed to the win!

Oct 16th 2018 -
The Gerontocracy is Driving America into the Ditch - Jason Kottke

Oct 16th 2018 -
The rigging of American politics - Ezra Klein

Oct 7th 2018 -
Why I’m Leaving the Republican Party

Oct 6th 2018 -
America’s tallest and shortest states - Christopher Ingraham

Oct 4th 2018 -
The Alternative Limb Project

Oct 2nd 2018 -
Trump Engaged in Suspect Tax Schemes as He Reaped Riches From His Father

Sep 26th 2018 -
Dear Young People: ‘Don’t Vote’ - John Gruber

Sep 24th 2018 -
macOS Mojave review: dark mode and a preview of the Mac’s future - Jacob Kastrenakes

Sep 24th 2018 -
The Self-Solving Rubik’s Cube - Rion Nakaya

Sep 24th 2018 -
Timeline of Earth - Nathan Yau

Sep 23rd 2018 -
Golf illustrations sustained Valentino Dixon while in prison for murder, a charge he was declared innocent of in court on Wednesday after 27 years in jail - Golf Digest

Sep 20th 2018 -
Meet Feng E, an 11-Year-Old Taiwanese Ukelele Prodigy - Jason Kottke

Sep 18th 2018 -
American woman pedals 184 mph, smashing record held by men for more than 100 years - Christopher Ingraham

Sep 17th 2018 -
Password Autofill in iOS 12 now works with 1Password, Dashlane, and LastPass - Nick Statt

Sep 14th 2018 -
How the Weather Channel Made an Immersive Hurricane Florence Storm Surge Animation - John Gruber

Sep 11th 2018 -
The Cost of American Retreat

Sep 9th 2018 -
Can You Repair A Carbon Fibre Bike? - Global Cycling Network

Aug 31st 2018 -
Shelled vs. unshelled pistachios: a cost-benefit analysis - Christopher Ingraham

Aug 30th 2018 -
A full-scale Lego supercar that actually drives - Jason Kottke

Aug 29th 2018 -
Close-up shark portraits - Jason Kottke

Aug 29th 2018 -
Self-Care - Greg Ross

Aug 27th 2018 -
Biodegradable food containers inspired by egg shells & orange peels - Jason Kottke

Aug 24th 2018 -
A Wrong Turn - Greg Ross

Aug 24th 2018 -
Opinion | Make Your Daughter Practice Math. She’ll Thank You Later.

Aug 21st 2018 -
Coal Miner to Trump: “Coal Mining Isn’t Coming Back” - By LEAH VARJACQUES and JAPHET WEEKS

Aug 21st 2018 -
Better Late - Greg Ross

Aug 20th 2018 -
What Homer Simpson would look like in real life - Jason Kottke

Aug 19th 2018 -
Self-Taught - Greg Ross

Aug 19th 2018 -
Twitter company email addresses why it’s #BreakingMyTwitter

Aug 18th 2018 -
The Lovers of Valdaro - Greg Ross

Aug 17th 2018 -
Jonathan Mann’s Song of the Day: ‘Jack Says Fuck You to Tweetbot’ - John Gruber

Aug 13th 2018 -
‘But the Plans Were on Display…’ - John Gruber

Aug 13th 2018 -
The Forgotten Winchester - Greg Ross

Aug 13th 2018 -
There’s Waldo, an AI trained to find Waldo - Jason Kottke

Aug 13th 2018 -
Aerial view of sheepdogs herding sheep - Nathan Yau

Aug 8th 2018 -
A Faster and More Flexible Home Page that Delivers the News Readers Want - The Times Open Team

Jul 30th 2018 -
It’s Tough Being a Right Whale These Days

Jul 28th 2018 -
While We Sleep, Our Mind Goes on an Amazing Journey

Jul 26th 2018 -
Cycling’s Best Performance Enhancer: Riding in the Peloton

Jul 21st 2018 -
A Theory of Trump Kompromat

Jul 11th 2018 -
Steve Blank The Innovation Stack: How to make innovation programs deliver more than coffee cups

Jul 8th 2018 -
Employee Uprisings Sweep Many Tech Companies. Not Twitter.

Jun 2nd 2018 -
On presents Tim Don – The Man with the Halo | Official Documentary

May 30th 2018 -
Trump’s Right-Hand Troll

May 28th 2018 -
The Quest to Run a Sub-Four-Minute Mile at Age 40

May 19th 2018 -
The Gambler Who Cracked the Horse-Racing Code

May 17th 2018 -
The Weird, Dangerous, Isolated Life of the Saturation Diver

May 15th 2018 -
What Can Extreme Athletes Tell Us About Human Endurance?

Apr 23rd 2018 -
Big In China: Machines That Scan Your Face

Apr 21st 2018 -
“The Clock Is Ticking”: Inside the Worst U.S. Maritime Disaster in Decades

Apr 12th 2018 -
This Man Expects to Run a 2:50 in the Boston Marathon on Monday

Apr 10th 2018 -
Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s hardest year, and what comes next

Apr 9th 2018 -
Gun Culture Is My Culture. And I Fear for What It Has Become.

Mar 23rd 2018 -
The Lottery Hackers

Mar 15th 2018 -
The Man Behind a Gear-Review Empire

Feb 23rd 2018 -
What I Saw Treating the Victims From Parkland Should Change the Debate on Guns

Feb 13th 2018 -
Four Parenting Tips I Learned Hanging Out with the World’s Best Leaders - Daniel Coyle