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Jul 14th 2019 - @JesseAalberg
"if you aren't crashing, you aren't going fast enough" -- achievement unlocked

Jul 12th 2019 - @longwall26
Confident in my ability to properly tennis, I take the court. I smile at my opponent. Serena does not return the gesture. She'd be prettier if she did, I think. She serves. The ball passes cleanly through my skull, killing me instantly…

Jul 12th 2019 - @DKThomp
"How Couples Meet" chart, updated July 2019…

Jul 11th 2019 - @TheAtlantic
John Yoo and James Phillips: "We may soon have a world where Congress can no longer outsource lawmaking to agencies, courts will no longer defer to agencies’ interpretations of ... statutes, and courts will closely scrutinize when agencies do act."

Jul 10th 2019 - @DanFrakes

Jul 9th 2019 - @AmyMcGrathKY
I’m running to replace Mitch McConnell in the U.S. Senate. Everything that’s wrong with Washington had to start somewhere—it started with him. With your help, we can defeat Mitch and defend democracy. Join us:

Jul 8th 2019 - @Molly_Kats
Volume on

Jul 3rd 2019 - @commuter_haiku
Is there anything more American than our National Parks? No. Is there anything more Trump-like than diverting Parks money to pay for a stupid military parade? Also no.

Jun 30th 2019 - @SwimmingWorld
World Junior Record Holder Regan Smith Verbally Commits to Stanford for 2020 - @stanfordwswim

Jun 30th 2019 - @tzaferes
Sharing this on twitter because, to date, it is my favorite photo of 2019. In the middle of #WTSMontreal, Norway’s Gustav Iden got his chain jammed. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time to capture him attempting to fix it cruising along at 45kph 🤯

Jun 28th 2019 - @aliiaction
programming is talking to an emotional teenager who will take everything you mean the wrong way unless you’re saying it exactly like they want. You end up cowering in corner screaming "You’re right, I meant “;”! I’m so sorry! I promise I meant “;”!”

Jun 27th 2019 - @SportsCenter
20 years ago today, @tonyhawk landed the world’s first 900 on a skateboard! It took him 11 tries at the 1999 X Games. The competition was over, but TV producers told Hawk to keep trying.

Jun 22nd 2019 - @MeredithFrost
John Glenn relaxing on board the USS Noa after his orbital flight in 1962. Badass.

Jun 20th 2019 - @jdickerson
He was...ahead..of...the...curve (ducks)…

Jun 19th 2019 - @theMagicWeasel
Forget live coding, @gelicia is live soldering at #ndcoslo :)

Jun 18th 2019 - @TrumpsTies

Jun 18th 2019 - @DOverview
Mount Fuji is an active stratovolcano and the tallest peak in Japan, with an elevation of 12,389 feet (3,776 meters). Fuji has an extremely symmetrical cone, which is...See more here: /// #dailyoverview #aerialphotography #earth #nature #picoftheday #japan

Jun 17th 2019 - @UberFacts
Adam Savage, former host of "Mythbusters," built a real-life 'Iron Man' suit that can actually fly.

Jun 17th 2019 - @MalwareJake
What I expect to find when an org says "please evaluate our containerized microservices deployed across a hybrid infrastructure in a mulit-cloud environment..."

Jun 15th 2019 -
“The Bastard Professor” - Greg Ross

Jun 15th 2019 -
Remembering Gabriele Grunewald, Who Ran For Herself and Others

Jun 15th 2019 - @ComfortablySmug
They will remember everything we did to them And they will kill us all. Every last man, woman, and child. My God.

Jun 15th 2019 -
Why Chinese is so difficult - Tyler Cowen

Jun 14th 2019 - @pageantmalarkey
My dad had a new radiator fitted, then realised you could no longer open the drawer. So he remade the drawer like this to correct his mistake. This sort of thing explains a lot of my upbringing.

Jun 13th 2019 -
Garmin’s Biggest Competitor Is Their Own Software Instability

Jun 11th 2019 - @josephfcox
Oh my god. Artists uploaded a deep fake of Mark Zuckerberg to Instagram, saying he's in control of billions of people's stolen data and ready to control the future. Facebook previously said it would not delete similar videos under its policies. We'll see…

Jun 11th 2019 - @wendynather
What UI wizardry is this??

Jun 11th 2019 - @MeredithFrost
Gene Wilder’s letter to director Mel Stuart about Willy Wonka's costume is my favorite thing.

Jun 10th 2019 - @AllenCMarshall
FOX has done to our parents what our parents thought video games would do to us.

Jun 10th 2019 -
An Apple a Day

Jun 9th 2019 - @blm849
Everything about this thread is perfection.…

Jun 9th 2019 - @WSJGraphics
The South's economy is falling behind. 'All of a sudden, the money stops flowing':

Jun 9th 2019 - @charlescwcooke
This is brilliant.…

Jun 6th 2019 -
Teaching a Neural Network How to Drive a Car - Jason Kottke

Jun 6th 2019 - @RepSpeier
Visited the grave of my friend’s father and witnessed a remarkable ceremony. The letters on the white crosses almost disappear in the brightness of the stone, so a soldier fills the indentations with sand from Omaha Beach to bring the name forward. It sent shivers down my spine.

Jun 6th 2019 - @ItsAndyRyan
William Goldman wrote the book and screenplay for The Princess Bride. I like this story he told about Andre The Giant.

Jun 4th 2019 -
The National Park Typeface - Jason Kottke

May 31st 2019 -
Ikea Recreates Famous TV Living Rooms Using Only Their Furniture - Jason Kottke

May 30th 2019 -
A School of Fossilized Fish - Jason Kottke

May 28th 2019 -
The Steep Drop in Britain’s Coal Usage - Jason Kottke

May 20th 2019 -
Will Mining Destroy America's Most Popular Wilderness?

May 15th 2019 -
The company that is Amazon - Tyler Cowen

May 14th 2019 -
Sweet Little Rain, a Coffee Drink Built for Instagram - Jason Kottke

May 14th 2019 -
For some national politicians, over-the-top competition isn’t limited to elections. The relentless drive that powers a campaign serves some politicians just as well in the weight room, on the basketball court or in the Ironman.

May 9th 2019 -
The Lifespans of Ancient Civilizations - Jason Kottke

May 8th 2019 -
The Miracle of Minneapolis

May 6th 2019 -
Here Grows New York City, a Time Lapse of NYC’s Street Grid from 1609 to the Present - Jason Kottke

May 3rd 2019 -
Elegant Variation - Greg Ross

May 3rd 2019 -
Is Slack ruining our jobs - and lives?

May 1st 2019 -
Job Switching by Age - Nathan Yau

Apr 19th 2019 -
Mayor Pete Is the Democrats’ Folksiest Heartland Hope. Really!

Apr 18th 2019 -
Rebuilding the Notre Dame with Strong Trees and Laser Scans - Jason Kottke

Apr 17th 2019 -
How Leonardo da Vinci made a "satellite" map in 1502 - YouTube

Apr 10th 2019 -
Poorly Researched Men’s Fiction - John Gruber

Apr 10th 2019 -
M87 Black Hole Size Comparison

Apr 10th 2019 -
All of the deaths in Game of Thrones - Nathan Yau

Apr 6th 2019 -
Mashable: ‘Amazon Bought Eero for $97 Million and Employees Still Got Screwed’ - John Gruber

Apr 1st 2019 -
There Will Never Be a Movie Like ‘The Matrix’ Again

Mar 29th 2019 -
America Is Becoming Steadily Less Religious - Jason Kottke

Mar 27th 2019 -
How to export fitness data from the Samsung wearables (and Samsung Health app) - DC Rainmaker

Mar 26th 2019 -
Traveling Tubeless for Bikepacking and Touring -

Mar 22nd 2019 -
Death of the calorie

Mar 21st 2019 -
Robocalls map - Nathan Yau

Mar 18th 2019 -
Building Grit in Girls Through Mountain Biking

Mar 16th 2019 -
How Much Immigration Is Too Much?

Mar 15th 2019 -
A Fan-Made Trailer for The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, 2019 Edition - Jason Kottke

Mar 13th 2019 -
Hiking Interactions - Jason Kottke

Mar 4th 2019 -
Video Orientation

Mar 2nd 2019 -
Raising Riders: From Passengers to Partners on the Baja Divide -

Mar 2nd 2019 -
Injectable NanoParticles Let Mice See Near InfraRed! - Alex Tabarrok

Feb 24th 2019 -
Perspective | The 6 essential cons that define Trump’s success

Feb 15th 2019 -
Lindsey Vonn Is The Greatest American Skier — And It’s Not Even Close

Feb 14th 2019 -
Opportunity rover’s path on Mars - Nathan Yau

Feb 13th 2019 -
Opportunity Rover

Feb 11th 2019 -
Amazon to Acquire Eero - John Gruber

Feb 11th 2019 -
Paper Mario Bros - Jason Kottke

Feb 7th 2019 -
Watch a Single Cell Become a Complex Organism in Just Six Minutes - Jason Kottke

Feb 5th 2019 -
Pi Clacks - Greg Ross

Feb 4th 2019 -
Launch Risk

Feb 1st 2019 -
How Many Kids We Have and When We Have Them - Nathan Yau

Jan 30th 2019 -
Amy Klobuchar is best equipped to send the president packing - George Will

Jan 28th 2019 -
The Insane Numbers Behind Cycling's Most Masochistic Race

Jan 25th 2019 -
The Enduring Fight Over the First Ironman Triathlon

Jan 24th 2019 -
Sort By Controversial

Jan 22nd 2019 -
The Shady Link Between Sunscreen and Your Health

Jan 19th 2019 -
Bill Gates: The Best Investment I’ve Ever Made

Jan 16th 2019 -
Conan O’Brien Wants to Scare Himself With the New, Shorter ‘Conan’

Dec 29th 2018 -
How to: Troubleshooting Power Meter and Trainer Accuracy Issues

Dec 25th 2018 -
Opinion | The General Who Preferred the Foxhole

Dec 22nd 2018 -
How Fortnite Triggered an Unwinnable War Between Parents and Their Boys

Dec 9th 2018 -
The Woman Who Outruns the Men, 200 Miles at a Time

Nov 30th 2018 -
Leadership Mode Activate

Nov 22nd 2018 -
The Digital Gap Between Rich and Poor Kids Is Not What We Expected

Nov 10th 2018 -
Queen’s Tragic Rhapsody

Aug 24th 2018 -
Opinion | Make Your Daughter Practice Math. She’ll Thank You Later.