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Oct 21st 2019 - @sacca
I am a 44-year-old man who is by no means emotionally prepared for the death of C-3PO.…

Oct 20th 2019 - @shannonrwatts
When gently corrected by one of the astronauts about how other women have spacewalked, Donald Trump uses his middle finger to "fix" his hair. How is this even real life?

Oct 20th 2019 -
The Liberation of Mitt Romney

Oct 20th 2019 - @CarlyPildis
This tweet is for people who aren't Jewish and have questions about antisemitism and criticism of Israel. This example of how antisemitism, specifically blood libel, masquerades as critique of Israel is so textbook I think I may use it in future trainings.

Oct 19th 2019 - @iAmTheWarax
oh my god

Oct 17th 2019 -
Gun Shop: 2,328 Guns at 24 Guns per Second - Jason Kottke

Oct 16th 2019 - @PreetBharara
.@PeteButtigieg is only 37, which makes him 32 years older than @realDonaldTrump…

Oct 16th 2019 -
How Much Commuting is Too Much? - Nathan Yau

Oct 15th 2019 -
The Most Important Pieces of Code in the History of Computing - Jason Kottke

Oct 13th 2019 - @Bachscore
This SNL sketch about people auditioning to be SoulCycle instructors is 💯…

Oct 13th 2019 - @Steph_Rothstein
Today I ran a PB of 2:27:47 for 6th place in Chicago🇺🇸. Today my husband was a legendary pacer. Today was for all the people in my corner because I wouldn’t be here doing this without you. Today we made progress.

Oct 13th 2019 - @Steph_Rothstein
If you had to choose between crapping your pants at mile 22 or running a PR in the marathon what would you do? Well I did both today so that’s cool. #chicagomarathon

Oct 12th 2019 - @chdbrwn
this crew is living in the future and I’m so happy I got to see this...

Oct 12th 2019 - @PDLComics
stone cold

Oct 12th 2019 - @stevemagness
A few thoughts on @EliudKipchoge's performance. It's hard to get across how fast a sub 2hr marathon is. 4:33 mile pace. But what does that mean? An NCAA All-American distance runner would struggle to keep up with him for 6 miles of the 26.2.

Oct 10th 2019 - @davidfrum
The future Donald Trump presidential library and casino in Minsk should definitely feature an 24/7 Trump rally , led by an animatronic Trump replica speaking an Artificial Intelligence generated stream of abuse, self-pity, and threats - always changing, always the same

Oct 10th 2019 - @NWSKeyWest
An amazing video of the waterspout yesterday evening near Summerland Key at sunset, courtesy of TJ Cooper. Truly incredible! #flwx #flkeys #KeyWest #SummerlandKey

Oct 9th 2019 -
Fixing the ‘impeach this’ map with a transition to a cartogram - Nathan Yau

Oct 9th 2019 - @paddyraffcomedy
My 2 yr old daughter’s reaction to seeing the Hulk go bananas for the first time 😂

Oct 8th 2019 -
With terminal cancer, a patient tracks drug does in a dashboard over her final days - Nathan Yau

Oct 5th 2019 -
GOP Talking Points for President Trump’s Fifth Avenue Massacre - John Gruber

Oct 5th 2019 - @hotdogsladies
A glutton, a brat, an obsessive, and a TV addict. Weird how our president could be any of the children found unworthy of running a fucking chocolate factory.

Oct 3rd 2019 -
Unfit for Office

Oct 3rd 2019 - @DrLindseyFitz
#DYK: Marie Curie's notebooks, which are RADIOACTIVE, must be stored in a lead-lined box in the Bibliothèque Nationale? Curie’s corpse is also radioactive. Her coffin is lined in an inch of lead. Both will remain radioactive for 1,500+ years:…

Sep 30th 2019 - @cinepocalypse
And the award for best ever iPhone case goes to...

Sep 30th 2019 - @molly_knight
Don’t worry, guys. Trump will get a doctor’s note and dodge his own civil war.

Sep 27th 2019 - @swear_trek

Sep 27th 2019 -
25 Fun Facts About Food from Gastropod - Jason Kottke

Sep 27th 2019 - @BillHolohanSolr
A history lesson for people who think that history doesn't matter: What's the big deal about railroad tracks? The US standard railroad gauge (distance between the rails) is 4 feet, 8.5 inches. That's an exceedingly odd number. Why was that gauge used? Well, because that's the way

Sep 25th 2019 - @MeredithFrost
Heres a squirrel sniffing a daisy in Vienna, Austria. (Photo: Dick van Duijn)

Sep 25th 2019 - @fmanjoo
WeWork didn’t just fail investors. It failed workers too. The idea of cramming more workers into less office space is bad for work! Open offices are sold as collaboration but they force people to find other places to get anything done. My column…

Sep 24th 2019 - @DOverview
Cars make their way across the Third Avenue Bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Originally known as the St. Anthony Falls...See more here: /// #dailyoverview #aerialphotography #earth #picoftheday #minneapolis #minnesota #bridge #roadtrip #travel #wanderlust

Sep 23rd 2019 -
Inventive Trials Riding by Fabio Wibmer - Jason Kottke

Sep 21st 2019 - @Brink_Thinker
Say one word about this little guy

Sep 19th 2019 -
How to Become Freakishly Good at the Yo-Yo - Jason Kottke

Sep 19th 2019 - @humansofny
“I grew up in an orphanage with only boys. I always wanted to learn some type of fighting..."

Sep 19th 2019 - @SarahOUaL
Plain greek yogurt is absolutely awful y'all are lying to yourselves

Sep 18th 2019 - @aliamjadrizvi
This still gives me chills. Carl Sagan demonstrates how the Greeks figured out the Earth was round and correctly calculated its circumference — 2,000 years ago:

Sep 18th 2019 - @nycsouthpaw
It won’t.…

Sep 16th 2019 -
Euphemisms for Death Collected from Obituaries - Jason Kottke

Sep 16th 2019 -
Graffiti That Helps You See Through Walls - Jason Kottke

Sep 15th 2019 - @_HelenDale
Thai dance is actually astounding.

Sep 12th 2019 -
Dead Reckoning

Sep 8th 2019 -
The Eponymous Mr. Ponzi

Sep 7th 2019 - @akkitwts
Wr don't deserve dogs.

Sep 6th 2019 -
The Comet - Jason Kottke

Sep 3rd 2019 -
Why America is losing the information war to Russia - David Ignatius

Sep 3rd 2019 -
Errol Morris & Bob Odenkirk Team Up for Climate Change Spots - Jason Kottke

Aug 26th 2019 -
Woman Wins 50K Ultra Marathon Outright, Trophy Snafu for Male Winner Follows - John Gruber

Aug 23rd 2019 -
Metallica’s Enter Sandman, Covered in 20 Different Musical Styles - Jason Kottke

Aug 23rd 2019 -
Starbucks monetary policy - Tyler Cowen

Aug 20th 2019 -
Music Video Shot from the Front of a Toy Lego Train - Jason Kottke

Aug 11th 2019 -
The Shame and Disgrace Will Linger - David Frum

Aug 7th 2019 -
Light from the center of the galaxy - Nathan Yau

Aug 6th 2019 -
Triathlons Fight Decline and Seek Ways to Attract the Young

Aug 6th 2019 -
Best Burger Ranks - Nathan Yau

Aug 5th 2019 -
A quiz to see if you’re rich - Nathan Yau

Jul 22nd 2019 -
Airport runway orientation reveals wind patterns - Nathan Yau

Jul 17th 2019 -
Apollo 11’s achievement still dazzles - George Will

Jul 15th 2019 -
Character Routing Maps of Famous Films - Jason Kottke

Jun 15th 2019 -
“The Bastard Professor” - Greg Ross

Jun 15th 2019 -
Remembering Gabriele Grunewald, Who Ran For Herself and Others

Jun 15th 2019 -
Why Chinese is so difficult - Tyler Cowen

Jun 13th 2019 -
Garmin’s Biggest Competitor Is Their Own Software Instability

Jun 10th 2019 -
An Apple a Day

Jun 6th 2019 -
Teaching a Neural Network How to Drive a Car - Jason Kottke

Jun 4th 2019 -
The National Park Typeface - Jason Kottke

May 31st 2019 -
Ikea Recreates Famous TV Living Rooms Using Only Their Furniture - Jason Kottke

May 30th 2019 -
A School of Fossilized Fish - Jason Kottke

May 28th 2019 -
The Steep Drop in Britain’s Coal Usage - Jason Kottke

May 20th 2019 -
Will Mining Destroy America's Most Popular Wilderness?

May 15th 2019 -
The company that is Amazon - Tyler Cowen

May 14th 2019 -
Sweet Little Rain, a Coffee Drink Built for Instagram - Jason Kottke

May 14th 2019 -
For some national politicians, over-the-top competition isn’t limited to elections. The relentless drive that powers a campaign serves some politicians just as well in the weight room, on the basketball court or in the Ironman.

May 8th 2019 -
The Miracle of Minneapolis

May 3rd 2019 -
Is Slack ruining our jobs - and lives?

Apr 19th 2019 -
Mayor Pete Is the Democrats’ Folksiest Heartland Hope. Really!

Apr 17th 2019 -
How Leonardo da Vinci made a "satellite" map in 1502 - YouTube

Apr 1st 2019 -
There Will Never Be a Movie Like ‘The Matrix’ Again

Mar 26th 2019 -
Traveling Tubeless for Bikepacking and Touring -

Mar 22nd 2019 -
Death of the calorie

Mar 18th 2019 -
Building Grit in Girls Through Mountain Biking

Mar 16th 2019 -
How Much Immigration Is Too Much?

Mar 2nd 2019 -
Raising Riders: From Passengers to Partners on the Baja Divide -

Feb 24th 2019 -
Perspective | The 6 essential cons that define Trump’s success

Feb 15th 2019 -
Lindsey Vonn Is The Greatest American Skier — And It’s Not Even Close

Jan 28th 2019 -
The Insane Numbers Behind Cycling's Most Masochistic Race

Jan 25th 2019 -
The Enduring Fight Over the First Ironman Triathlon

Jan 24th 2019 -
Sort By Controversial

Jan 22nd 2019 -
The Shady Link Between Sunscreen and Your Health

Jan 19th 2019 -
Bill Gates: The Best Investment I’ve Ever Made

Jan 16th 2019 -
Conan O’Brien Wants to Scare Himself With the New, Shorter ‘Conan’

Dec 29th 2018 -
How to: Troubleshooting Power Meter and Trainer Accuracy Issues

Dec 25th 2018 -
Opinion | The General Who Preferred the Foxhole

Dec 22nd 2018 -
How Fortnite Triggered an Unwinnable War Between Parents and Their Boys