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Mar 27th 2020 -
6-Foot Zone

Mar 26th 2020 - @TheRealTriscuit
We had to go all the way up the ladder but we CAN confirm ⚡️…

Mar 26th 2020 -
The Doctor Who Helped Defeat Smallpox Explains What's Coming

Mar 25th 2020 - @sageboggs
OK, buckle up. I wanna talk to you about Triscuit.

Mar 25th 2020 -
Ikea Instructions for COVID-19 Quarantine - Jason Kottke

Mar 25th 2020 -
Iconic Art & Design Reimagined for the Social Distancing Era - Jason Kottke

Mar 24th 2020 - @jameshamblin
In January I wrote about the science of hibernation, and was surprised it might actually be possible for humans. It's mostly been studied for long-term space travel and trauma surgery. I didn't think of pandemics but now it seems eerily relevant.…

Mar 24th 2020 - @morcmtb
Trails are closed, I'm cooped up inside watching to much youtube. How To Build DIY Bike Rollers with Logs for EXTREME Indoor Biking!… #DIY #mountainbiking #woodworking

Mar 23rd 2020 - @rejectedjokes
What started as a gag birthday gift from my sister has turned into my greatest treasure.

Mar 23rd 2020 - @scott_kerr
Meanwhile, in Minneapolis

Mar 22nd 2020 - @aljwhite
This is the best and clearest explanation of why people need to stay at home you could ever wish to see

Mar 22nd 2020 - @bradsohner
Tour de Quarantine Stage 1

Mar 21st 2020 - @AstroKatie
In the last week I’ve done three 5k social distancing runs and achieved PR times on each. I have extrapolated from the times achieved that if the pandemic lasts through summer I will become relativistic by the end of it.

Mar 21st 2020 - @SiouxsieW
Heard of #FlattenTheCurve & #StopTheSpread? Well, this is the graphic everyone needs to understand. We all have to change our behaviour NOW. So, WASH YOUR HANDS AND STAY PHYSICALLY DISTANT. Even better STAY HOME. Please share. #Covid_19 #COVIDー19 Thanks @XTOTL & @TheSpinoffTV

Mar 20th 2020 - @CatrinNye
Omg Bryn Celyn Care Home in south Wales does self isolation human hungry hippos 🥰 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Mar 19th 2020 - @RexChapman
Coronavirus Social-Distancing. Celebrating Grandma’s 95th birthday today no matter what. I’m so damn here for this...🌎❤️

Mar 19th 2020 - @JasonKander
Homeschooling is hard. I walked away for one minute. #TrueStory

Mar 19th 2020 - @caitiedelaney

Mar 16th 2020 - @maxbrooksauthor
A message from me and my dad, @MelBrooks. #coronavirus #DontBeASpreader

Mar 15th 2020 - @michalnaka
An Italian hospital ran out of ICU valves. A local biz brought a 3D printer to the hospital, redesigned & produced the valves in a few hours. “At the time of writing, 10 patients are accompanied in breathing by a machine that uses a 3D printed valve.”…

Mar 14th 2020 - @MEPFuller
This is amazing work.…

Mar 13th 2020 - @codykeenan
Obama during the oil spill: "I ultimately take responsibility for solving this crisis. I’m the President and the buck stops with me."…

Mar 13th 2020 - @bbculp
Activities with low risk of contracting COVID-19: -Running -Petting your dog -Cycling -Playing with your dog -Rewatching Breaking Bad -Looking at your dog -Puzzles -Reminding your dog that he/she is a "good dog" -Open-water swimming -Replying to this with a picture of your dog(s)

Mar 13th 2020 - @marcoarment
Some tips to those new to working at home: - do not buy chips - do not buy ice cream - only go to the kitchen at meal times - only lie down at bedtime - there is no such thing as “I’m just going to play this game for a few minutes” - you don’t need Twitter on your Mac “for work”

Mar 12th 2020 - @KevinMKruse
We've experienced parts of this before, just never all at once. As others noted, it's like the Spanish flu of 1918 and the stock market crash of 1929 at the same time, but overseen by Harding's total incompetence plus Nixon's pettiness and paranoia. It's like Disaster Voltron.…

Mar 10th 2020 - @TheDailyShow
Nambia. Diversary. Pivittible. Donald Trump has the best words, but which one is the most best? We created an interactive bracket tournament to find out. Voting is now open:

Mar 10th 2020 - @TheDailyShow
One man... immune to information. PANDUMBIC

Mar 10th 2020 - @NorthmanTrader
Coronavirus response plan summarized:

Mar 9th 2020 - @timothypmurphy
I don't understand why, if Trump was responsible for making the stock market good, he has now decided to make it bad

Mar 8th 2020 - @alicebell
I can't stop thinking about this story. A pig was wearing a pedometer to prove it was free range. It ate it, shitted it out, it caught fire which spread in the dry hay and the blaze covered 75 square metres.…

Mar 7th 2020 - @SarahEMyhre
This is my new favorite graph. I love this graph.

Mar 7th 2020 - @RexChapman
Most TV anchors will pause between the greeting and top-story. But not this guy...🤭🤣😭💀💀

Mar 5th 2020 -
Learning to Run Without Headphones

Mar 5th 2020 - @TitosVodka
@cpmaher17 Per the CDC, hand sanitizer needs to contain at least 60% alcohol. Tito's Handmade Vodka is 40% alcohol, and therefore does not meet the current recommendation of the CDC. Please see attached for more information.

Mar 4th 2020 - @MrWillRitter
The analysis nobody asked for but we can’t help ourselves. Ad spend per delegate: Biden = 29k per delegate Sanders = 101k Warren = 426k Buttigieg = 1M Klobuchar = 2M Bloomberg = 10M!

Feb 29th 2020 -
We Need To Take CO2 Out Of The Sky

Feb 25th 2020 -
Canine collar markets in everything - Tyler Cowen

Feb 25th 2020 -
Special Edition GIF/JIF Peanut Butter Jar - Jason Kottke

Feb 25th 2020 -
How to Enable the Mac Startup Chime on New Macs - John Gruber

Feb 20th 2020 -
Scale of Bloomberg net worth - Nathan Yau

Feb 17th 2020 -
Face ID Compatible Respirator Masks - Jason Kottke

Feb 16th 2020 -
The 2020 Disinformation War

Feb 16th 2020 -
Going the Distance (and Beyond) to Catch Marathon Cheaters

Feb 9th 2020 -
Is economic growth limited to 2 percent? - Robert Samuelson

Feb 1st 2020 -
One Guy Gets Entire Park to Sing Bon Jovi - Jason Kottke

Jan 28th 2020 -
The Secretive Company That Might End Privacy as We Know It

Jan 26th 2020 -
Applied Chemistry - Greg Ross

Jan 24th 2020 -
Scary Sea Monster Really Just Hundreds of Tiny Fish in a Trench Coat - Jason Kottke

Jan 23rd 2020 -
Parasitic Fake ATMs - Jason Kottke

Jan 22nd 2020 -
Solar System Changes

Jan 16th 2020 -
Official Posters for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games - Jason Kottke

Jan 8th 2020 -
How Des Moines landed an Ironman triathlon

Jan 8th 2020 -
Progress Marches On - John Gruber

Jan 7th 2020 -
Danny MacAskill Joins the Gym - Jason Kottke

Jan 6th 2020 -
US Smoking Rates Are The Lowest Since Records Began - Information is Beautiful

Jan 3rd 2020 -
Timelines to make you feel old - Nathan Yau

Jan 2nd 2020 -
How to Make Popcorn Using a Blow Torch & Hair Dryer - Jason Kottke

Jan 1st 2020 -
I Love the 20s

Dec 31st 2019 -
Minnestar’s 2019 Year in Review - Maria Ploessl

Dec 30th 2019 -
How Do You Move a Star? Stellar Engines! - Jason Kottke

Dec 30th 2019 -
If you don’t trust your employees to work remotely, you shouldn’t have hired them in the first place

Dec 30th 2019 -
The Challenges Ahead for Zwift and ESports

Dec 27th 2019 -
A Self-Driving DeLorean Is Taught How to Drift - Jason Kottke

Dec 27th 2019 -
A Free-to-Use Library of Very Canadian Stock Photos - Jason Kottke

Dec 20th 2019 -
Almost Famous: “I Was in The Black Eyed Peas. Then I Quit.” - Jason Kottke

Dec 16th 2019 -
Occupation Growth and Decline - Nathan Yau

Dec 15th 2019 -
The Next Nuclear Plants Will Be Small, Svelte, and Safer

Dec 13th 2019 -
Brussels Sprouts Mandela Effect

Dec 13th 2019 -
The Kung Fu Nuns of the Drukpa Order - Jason Kottke

Dec 12th 2019 -
Private Wojtek’s Right to Bear Arms - Erika Nesvold

Dec 11th 2019 -
Fascinating Stats from Strava’s 2019 Year End Report - DC Rainmaker

Dec 11th 2019 -
If Hogwarts Were an Inner-City School (Key & Peele) - Jason Kottke

Dec 7th 2019 -
The False Promise of Morning Routines

Dec 7th 2019 -
On Pooping in the Dark—No Lights, No Phones, No Distractions

Dec 7th 2019 -
Life Time CEO says luxurious new club at Southdale is just the beginning

Dec 6th 2019 -
Flu Shot

Dec 6th 2019 -
The Deep Sea - Jason Kottke

Dec 5th 2019 -
US Cancer Survival Rates Are Rising - Information is Beautiful

Nov 18th 2019 -
What Science Tells Us About Preventing Dementia

Oct 20th 2019 -
The Liberation of Mitt Romney

Oct 3rd 2019 -
Unfit for Office

Sep 12th 2019 -
Dead Reckoning

Sep 8th 2019 -
The Eponymous Mr. Ponzi

Aug 6th 2019 -
Triathlons Fight Decline and Seek Ways to Attract the Young

Jun 15th 2019 -
Remembering Gabriele Grunewald, Who Ran For Herself and Others

Jun 13th 2019 -
Garmin’s Biggest Competitor Is Their Own Software Instability

May 20th 2019 -
Will Mining Destroy America's Most Popular Wilderness?

May 14th 2019 -
For some national politicians, over-the-top competition isn’t limited to elections. The relentless drive that powers a campaign serves some politicians just as well in the weight room, on the basketball court or in the Ironman.

May 8th 2019 -
The Miracle of Minneapolis

May 3rd 2019 -
Is Slack ruining our jobs - and lives?

Apr 19th 2019 -
Mayor Pete Is the Democrats’ Folksiest Heartland Hope. Really!

Apr 17th 2019 -
How Leonardo da Vinci made a "satellite" map in 1502 - YouTube

Apr 1st 2019 -
There Will Never Be a Movie Like ‘The Matrix’ Again

Mar 26th 2019 -
Traveling Tubeless for Bikepacking and Touring -

Mar 22nd 2019 -
Death of the calorie