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Jan 19th 2018 - @swimswamnews
WATCH: Age Group Phenom Regan Smith Wins Austin 50 Back Shooutouts…

Jan 19th 2018 - @PersianRose1

Jan 18th 2018 -
Brexit Stamps - Jason Kottke

Jan 18th 2018 - @AMAZlNGNATURE
The seahorse birthing process is so fascinating! 😮

Jan 18th 2018 - @brfreed
Now that the Amazon Sweepstakes have reached a fever on par with that for Willy Wonka's golden ticket, it’s only logical that losing cities should be horribly mutilated and then ridiculed in song.

Jan 17th 2018 -
Universal Dreams

Jan 14th 2018 - @MKBHD
1998: In 20 years we'll have flying cars 2018:

Jan 14th 2018 - @AMAZlNGNATURE
Humpback whale shoots out a rainbow! 🐳🌈

Jan 14th 2018 - @KHOLMESlive
Unbelievable new surveillance video shows a car hitting a median and launching into the second story of a Santa Ana dentist office. Driver and passenger transported with minor injuries. @NBCLA @ChristineNBCLA

Jan 14th 2018 - @MeredithFrost
A top floor sprinkler leak created a 21-story tower of icicles on a Chicago fire escape. (Pics: Andrew Hickey)

Jan 14th 2018 -
A visit to an American factory that’s been producing pencils since 1889 - Jason Kottke

Jan 14th 2018 - @AMAZlNGNATURE
Mind-Blowing Octopus color change 🐙 by IG@rubergnick

Jan 13th 2018 - @whoisgarylee
1. I’ve never tweeted before but today felt like a good day to start.

Jan 12th 2018 - @steph_bello
The voting booth.…

Jan 12th 2018 - @MrEs3rdGrade
Conditions not ideal, but we somehow managed to grow a bean in our classroom hydroponic garden. #3rdGradeIsAwesome

Jan 11th 2018 - @Gramiq
Genius. Until today, if you Googled “Trump” and “shithole” all you got were hotel reviews.

Jan 11th 2018 - @oceanexplorer
Check out the antennae on this shrimp! Long antennae are common in the deep sea, to help animals sense their environment, as it’s very dark at ocean depths!

Jan 10th 2018 - @charlesbethea
Chuck Jones, fmr president of United Steelworkers 1999, in Indiana, is no snowflake nor fool-sufferer. He just told a crowd of reporters & fmr Carrier workers in Indy: “Donald Trump is a liar & an idiot” and “a con man pure & simple who sold us a bag of shit.” #CarrierLayoffs

Jan 9th 2018 - @BeerPedaler
One photo, comprised of 126 frames, of second largest tree in the world. A giant sequoia known as The President, in California's Sierra Nevada. #shitdang! @MeredithFrost

Jan 7th 2018 - @petersagal
Stay in your goddamn lane, Glass.…

Jan 6th 2018 -
Smells Like Teen Spirit in a major key is an upbeat pop-punk song - Jason Kottke

Jan 6th 2018 - @kottke
This blows my mind: if you re-tune Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit in a major key, it sounds like an upbeat pop-punk song…

Jan 6th 2018 - @AMAZlNGNATURE
Duck landing on ice 🦆

Jan 4th 2018 - @MrEs3rdGrade
Biography book clubs: Rosa Parks! #3rdGradeIsAwesome

Jan 4th 2018 - @MrEs3rdGrade
Wise Word: perihelion peri=near, helios=sun. The point in the orbit of a planet, asteroid, or comet at which it is closest to the sun. Believe it or not, we were as close to the sun on January 3rd as we will be all year. #3rdGradeIsAwesome

Jan 3rd 2018 - @DerekMilman
Photo of the decade: Doug Jones being sworn in, while his openly gay son QUIETLY DISINTEGRATES THE SOUL OF MIKE PENCE.

Jan 3rd 2018 - @jdickerson
Wow. "Donald Trump Didn’t Want to Win"… via @intelligencer

Jan 2nd 2018 - @BryanCranston
Thank you @realDonaldTrump for preventing US commercial airlines from crashing in 2017. Your active participation monitoring the flight patterns and safety regulations was greatly appreciated. In 2018 could you please turn your efforts toward preventing wildfires and hurricanes?…

Jan 2nd 2018 - @danwlin
Under Obama, the number of years reached only 2017. Since I have taken office, the number of years have gone Up to 2018, the highest on record!…

Jan 2nd 2018 -
The New Bike Build is Complete: All the details! - DC Rainmaker

Jan 2nd 2018 - @LivCookefs
I just wanted to sit and enjoy the journey but when he messed up I had to show him how it’s done... 💁

Jan 1st 2018 -
Millions Are Hounded for Debt They Don’t Owe. One Victim Fought Back, With a Vengeance

Jan 1st 2018 - @TheOnion
New Gym Member Lingers By Free Weights For Several Seconds Before Returning To Elliptical Machine

Jan 1st 2018 -
On the Front Lines of the GOP's Civil War

Jan 1st 2018 - @Bachscore
Want to exercise regularly this year? Here are some common habits of people who already do:…

Dec 31st 2017 - @SenSasse
It’s not helpful to call the press the enemy of the American people. Here’s why. #1a

Dec 30th 2017 - @TheEconomist
Why forests are spreading in the rich world

Dec 27th 2017 -
Phone Security

Dec 25th 2017 -
Ten years in, nobody has come up with a use for blockchain

Dec 22nd 2017 -
The Jedi as samurai vs. the Jedi as ninja - Tim Carmody

Dec 21st 2017 -
Slaughterbots: swarming killer drones powered by AI - Jason Kottke

Dec 18th 2017 -
Endlessly zooming art - Jason Kottke

Dec 18th 2017 -
Dancing on roller skates with James Brown’s style - Jason Kottke

Dec 18th 2017 -
Calendar Facts

Dec 13th 2017 -
An interactive map of debt in America - Jason Kottke

Dec 13th 2017 -
battle for the net

Dec 12th 2017 -
All In a Week’s Work — How We Tackled the Five Day Sprint Process

Dec 9th 2017 -
The Centuries-Old Strategy That Turbocharged My Productivity

Dec 9th 2017 -
Why Bitcoin? Why Now?

Dec 8th 2017 -
Americans are drowning in debt. Here’s where they have it the worst. - Christopher Ingraham

Dec 7th 2017 -
America’s most common Christmas-related injuries, in charts — Information is Beautiful Awards

Dec 7th 2017 -
Four Questions About American Greatness - By BRET STEPHENS

Dec 3rd 2017 -
Voyager 1 Fires Up Thrusters After 37 Years

Dec 2nd 2017 -
Voyager 1 Fires Up Thrusters After 37 Years - John Gruber

Dec 2nd 2017 -
No Family Is Safe From This Epidemic

Nov 30th 2017 -
The Strange and Gruesome Story of the Greenland Shark, the Longest-Living Vertebrate on Earth

Nov 30th 2017 -
Generations of tech, as seen through video source, music players, and internet access - Nathan Yau

Nov 27th 2017 -
How to Concentrate in a Collaborative Workplace – Times Open

Nov 26th 2017 -
Malls Never Wanted Gyms. Now They Court Them

Nov 23rd 2017 -
battle for the net

Nov 22nd 2017 -
Recode Your Health

Nov 15th 2017 -
The Ringer: ‘The 50 Best Superhero Movies of All Time’ - John Gruber

Nov 14th 2017 -
The best laptop ever made

Nov 11th 2017 -
John Boehner Unchained

Nov 9th 2017 -
How an American Family Escaped From Pirates in the Amazon

Nov 8th 2017 -
Cancer survival rates have increased dramatically over the past 35 years - Jason Kottke

Nov 6th 2017 -
Daylight Saving Time Is Terrible: Here's a Simple Plan to Fix It

Nov 4th 2017 -
A guy filmed a fantastic commercial to sell his girlfriend’s 1996 Honda Accord - Andrew Liptak

Nov 2nd 2017 -
‘Inside the Great Poop Emoji Feud’ - John Gruber

Oct 31st 2017 -
Stranger Things season 2 soundtrack - Jason Kottke

Oct 29th 2017 -
Strava CEO on what's next, wearables, and why HR accuracy isn't all that important

Oct 29th 2017 -
Lights On, Lights Off - Alex Tabarrok

Oct 27th 2017 -
This Could Be the First 1,000 mph Land Vehicle - D-brief

Oct 25th 2017 -
What humanity’s history in space tells us about our future in the stars - Christopher Ingraham

Oct 24th 2017 -
Max Boot: ‘Republicans Have Stockholm Syndrome, and It’s Getting Worse’ - John Gruber

Oct 24th 2017 -
The Magic 5

Oct 24th 2017 -
Tech Giants Are Paying Huge Salaries for Scarce A.I. Talent

Oct 23rd 2017 -
CARTOColors is a quick set of color schemes to copy - Nathan Yau

Oct 19th 2017 -
American Daily Routine - Nathan Yau

Oct 19th 2017 -
Hands-on with The Sufferfest’s new 4DP Platform - DC Rainmaker

Oct 19th 2017 -
Mapping happiness - Nathan Yau

Oct 19th 2017 -
Jesse Thomas' Kona Race Report: That Was Hard |

Oct 17th 2017 -
Opinion | College Advice I Wish I’d Taken

Oct 16th 2017 -
BackCountry Wifi; An Epic

Oct 16th 2017 -
Twitter has become “a pretty hate machine” - Jason Kottke

Oct 13th 2017 -
Merrie Maladies - Jason Kottke

Oct 12th 2017 -
How Eminem Beat Addiction with Exercise

Oct 12th 2017 -
USA fact of the day - Tyler Cowen

Oct 12th 2017 -
US electricity sources map - Nathan Yau

Oct 10th 2017 -
How Smartphones Hijack Our Minds

Oct 8th 2017 -
How the Elderly Lose Their Rights

Oct 8th 2017 -
Opinion | Co-Parenting With Alexa

Oct 8th 2017 -
The Rules of the Gun Debate

Oct 8th 2017 -
Rex Tillerson at the Breaking Point

Oct 6th 2017 -
When Working From Home Doesn’t Work